Friday, May 21, 2010

9-april-2010 FOOD

This week, in the world of Lisa...

This week I spent some time in the kitchen,

Where I’m supposed to be.

These are the steps I took:

When buying the veg,

Remember celery sell early and the best option for pak choys is the pack choice.

Don’t buy squashed squash.

When you meet the meat section,

If the price of the salarmi’s alarming,

Carry on with other carrion,

Such as well chopped chops.

Make sure the oven is on for the venison.

Tip: when you wash the spinach it dries quicker if you spin actually

When the beans have been cooked

Smother in some well sourced sauce.

(Nan likes burnt butter sauce but her cholesterol is too high).

Season the meat with sea sunned salt,

Prepared pepper and chilli if it’s still too chilly.

If you have time sprinkle thyme and Oregon or egg on.

Egg is not actually recommended.

To begin dessert, take out a bored board,

Give an apple a pull from the fruit basket along with plump plums and a pair of pears chopping it all with a paring knife.

Add a little cinnamon so it’s in among the fruit

Keep it stirred sturdily for 10 seconds.

Pour puréed paw paw over top

Then make some pastry and pay strict attention so it’s kneaded as needed.


But if you get coughy drinking coffee,

Cover your mouth so you don’t get phlegm on the lemon.

No one likes that.

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