Thursday, May 20, 2010

5-april-2006 HOUSEWARMING

This week, in the world of Lisa...

This week (yesterday) i was an idiot.

you see, its my friends birthday on the 5th of April.

and yesterday was the 4th of April.

but it seems I am not one to conform to this

"saying happy birthday on your actual birthday" fad.

I prefer to get my days mixed up and prematurely wish happy birthday.

I soon realised my idiot-headed-ness.

When i dated my work.

I sent him a message.

I explained my tendancy to be an idiot,

and proceeded to get the date wrong again.

like any authentic idiot-head would.

it went a little like this...

"omg, its the third isnt it. i am an idiot. but at least i gave you a taste of whats to come tomorrow ;)"

it wasnt the third.

but it is his birthday tomorrow today.

he called me.

he laughed in my ear.

i laughed in his ear back.

that way he was laughing with me.

im sneaky like that.

i said i wanted to make sure i didnt forget.

he said he has a cat that jumps in water.

i told him not to get any fish.

he told me he has a new house.

i told him to have a housewarming so i can get him a housewarming plant.

but then i couldnt think of any antithermodynamic* plants.

we finished our chat.

i finished the day without getting the date wrong any more times.

then i wished him happy birthday again today.

it is the fifth isnt it?

*thermodynamic= the process of using heat energy to produce another form of energy.

antithermodynamic plant= a plant that uses other energy to give off heat.

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