Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10-november-2010 EAR

This week, in the world of Lisa... (with the help of wikipedia)

This week my Dad had an ear operation,

It wasn’t going to improve his ‘earring though,

That’s been hammered over time.

It was incus of another infection.

So last Monday he was wheeled through the labyrinth of corridors to the operating thearter to his surgeon,

Who is an auricle in his field.

If anyone pitched the idea they shaved his whiskers it’s a beardrumour.

Unfortunately when Dad awoke he was oh-so-sickles :(

When I first heard I had a temp. panic in me’brain,

It mass toyed with our emotions.

They had to pinna few more needles in his arm,

To try and alleviate the eerie feeling,

Before deciding they deafinately needed to do another operation.

A sound decision.

So he had to eat hospital food for longer,

And I’m pretty sure they gave coles-tea-to-ma Dad.

He’s still the same old laid back Dad but helix his lips more often

And whacks his beanie on to hide his dirty hair.

(t’night is the first time i haven’t seen him wear it).

(yes, his beanie was made form a heard of sheep).

El and I gave him some helium balloons,

One had a face which we bandaged to make it cillia heehee.

Apparently after that the doctor said he’d like to meatus,

But he gave Dad the all co-co-cochlear before we were there at the same time.

Probably a good thing,

After using the supplied parking the car tillage was pricey.

Although he doesn’t quite have attic of approval he’s out of hospital now,

There’stapes lined up for him to watch,

And you canal rest assured he’s doing great.

(thanks to all the people Mum’s had inn ‘er ear constantly sending well wishes)

It’s good to have him back hear at home,

We lobe him very, very much :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This week, in the world of Lisa...

Whoops! The Melbourne Cup reminded me I never finished this!

Oh well, it's still a fascinator, I'll leave it as is :P

This week I went to the horse races.

I was feeling a little hoarse,

So the mention of drinking had me say “eek, wine!”

(it wasn’t even poured from a decanter)

And I decided not to drink or stay furlong,

Despite the gorgeous day without a hint of rein.

To be honest, I was more interested in the fashion than keeping track of the races,

I don’t mean to stirrup the horse fanatics,

But some of the outfits were a bit amazing!

There was an abundance of Foaliage in hair,

Beautiful dresses (which needed constant adjousting)

And not-so-stable sky high heels,

Sometimes considered whores shoes...

Jewellery was also abundant,

Dangly earrings seemed preferred over studs.

Not everyone dresses up though,

there were a few polo shirts.

I didn't see any bridle parties,

I'm glad they muster decided on a different venue,

or eloped.

Very soon it was time for the mane event,

I herd the trumpet track play

Which begs thequestrian,

Will I have a whinny with my bets?!

Neigh, to have a win I’d first hoof to place a bet.

They were through the gait and I blinkered and missed it,

I didn't miss a great a mount though,

I could hear the commentator over the rodeo.