Thursday, May 20, 2010

20-april-2006 EASTER

This week, in the world of Lisa...

This week it was Easter.

A marvellous time of giving and receiving chocolate.


Ive spent about a year trying to escape my parents house,

But not on Sunday.

On Sunday I was glad to be there.

You see, I was waiting for the oven to warm up for my annual hot cross bun when my sister entered the kitchen.

Not one to get in the way, I left the kitchen to continue waiting for the oven.

I wandered.

Wandered to the back door.

Its a glass door, you know, one that I could see out of.

I looked at the chickens up the back.

I looked at the table outside.

I looked at it a little closer.

And thats when I knew.

The Easter bunny... had been.

I should have just flung open the door and grabbed every egg in sight.

But I gasped.

And then my sister knew.

It was on.

And you cant read that sentence like an ordinary sentence, you have to build the suspense for yourself and leave dramatic pauses.

It (pause)... was (pause)... ON.

Somehow she got out of the door before me.

How does she DO that?

The oven was forgotten.

The toaster was left quietly cooking.

It wasnt bothering anybody anyway.

We found eggs everywhere.

On things, under things, in things...

If you had looked at me, you would have seen a blur of egg-finding Lisa.

At one point I checked my socks hanging on the line, saying

Are there any in my clothes!?!

After missing them all and moving on, mum said

"Ohhh, Lisaaaa", in that disappointed mother way.

In that knowing way.

"how would SHE know where the Easter bunny put them?" I was thinking.

Then my sister appeared from nowhere and found one in my sock.

How does she DO that?

I wasnt bothered, I was quietly confident that I had found more than my share.

mmMWOHOHOHO! I thought to my selfish self.

Alas, when we counted we had the same amount.

How does she DO that!?

Oh well, she had to eat cold toast.

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