Friday, May 21, 2010

13-june-2007 INSPIRATION

This week, in the world of Lisa…

This week I found my inspiration.

I was quite sad when I lost it,

I looked for it for weeks,

Under rocks, in the trash, under the sofa…

I even looked in the shoe pile, which is often where I find my keys…

But even they couldn’t unlock the mystery of my missing inspiration.

Then, this week without warning,

I found it.

It was hidden between yesterdays sock and 8:10am.

I don’t know why I didn’t think to look there before.


Now that my inspiration is back,

I’m wondering was it there all along?

Perhaps it went to the moon?


Elsewhere on a small blue green planet in one of the less fashionable sectors of the galaxy?

I don’t know,

But now that its back, I can tell you about my sock.

Its one of my better socks,

It goes on my right foot and has a picture of homer simpson saying

“its my life-long dream to appear on a sock”.

The left sock says the same thing,

But its not as funny the second time you read it.

So this sock, whom I’ll call “righty”,

Didn’t feel like mingling in the laundry pile,

Oh no,

Not when there are better places to be,

Like my pants!!!

I’m not sure if righty was hiding in there all along,

Or if he went on a (successful) stealth mission,

Either way, he was in my pants unbeknownst to me,

So its quite probable that I walked all the way across my work with a sock hanging out of my pant leg.

A humorous sock hanging out of my pant leg,

Cheering me up for the day,

Thanks righty :)

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