Thursday, May 20, 2010

1-march-2006 CHICKENS

This week, in the world of Lisa...

this week i stepped in chicken poo.

my sister went to mandurah and left a note to say the chickens would be fine.

so, unsuspecting, i ventured outside in the morning to get the eggs.

it was at this time i was charged at by two chickens - not in their pen.

their eyes were wild and crazy.

hmmm i thought.

so i retreated from the door i had almost dislocated my shoulder closing so quickly, and grabbed a bread roll.

the chickens could see me through the glass.

i opened the door a crack and threw some bread at them.

yes at.

no to or beside or near.


i opened the door some more while they were distracted with ripping the bread to shreds.

i kept my eye on them whilst descending the steps.

this is when i stepped in the chicken poo.

it stuck to my foot when i tried to walk it off.


i think that was their plan all along.

the maniac glint disappeared from their eyes and they followed the bread trail all the way into the chicken pen.

i forgot to get the eggs.

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