Friday, May 21, 2010

11-january-2010 FALCON

This week, in the world of Lisa...

This week the cleaner told me to save a bird.

It was stuck in the outdoor work area,

Trying to escape through a closed window,


So off I went to open the roller door for the little guy,

Only when I looked over,


Looking at me with its pearly-grin and big yellow eyes,

I was in birds eye view.

The cleaner had failed to mention the clause.

So I opened the roller door and all the windows,

Hoping to wing it…

No dice.

The only way to get this bird out was to get closer,

For a moment I though “flock that!”

But the poor thing was so stressed out L

I grabbed a piece of wood and,

Very wary of its huge talons,

Eventually bothered it enough it flew on top of the open roller door.


Finally it flew out the way it had come in and he was free as a bird and high as a Kite :)

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