Friday, May 21, 2010


This week, in the world of Lisa...

This week Kevin grew a mushroom.

A weird black cup on a thin stem where his poo hay goes.

They’ve never grown there before,

It must have been the last straw.

You may be surprised,

But despite growing in bunny poo,

Its not a shitake* OR a toad stool.

I’m still lichen it J

And I cant find anything similar on the internet,

Ill have to stalk the websites some more.

it was a bit of unexpected excitement anyway,

Can always rely on Kevin for that,

He’s a fun guy and a good spor(e)t,

Always willing to give you the hare off his back

(literally, he’s mouldting).

At any rate, I hope he grows more,

Theres so mushroom left in the hay!

Ill keep you posted J

*thanks for the shitake joke dad, I tip my cap to you for that one! If I didn’t acknowledge your joke I’d feel gillty.

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