Friday, May 21, 2010

2-march-2010 ORIGAMI

This week, in the world of Lisa...

this week i've started to do origami,

but i've found i just dont cut it.

i dont want to seem like a square,

however i've checked out a few books.

theyre all paperback of course.

looking over potential models,

they are graded according to difficulty,

four or more and my chances of completing the model are significantly de-creased.

to get back into it i made a crane,

after folding ~350 for Lyndsay, it was easy

(i had to make more than the required 333 because Kevin bunny liked to eat them,

he'd stork them until i wasnt looking,

which was a Mynah set back).

next i found a design for a rhinocerous beetle,

i dont mean to toot my own horn,

but i dont nose how i managed to finish it.

i also made a simple rabbit model,

which is a good one to sHare,

simple and effective :)

although it might be a bit cannibalistic if i give those to Kevin...

i didnt complete the pig,

it was getting there,

but i think i started with the wrong base so i got boared.

my next project is a triceratops.

unfortunately the first few tries have been tearable,

wish me luck!

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