Thursday, May 20, 2010

23-june-2006 FOWL COFFEE

This week, in the world of Lisa...

This week,

During the course of writing this newsletter,

I am going to drink a feather.

Don’t try and stop me,

It’s in my coffee,

And I don’t recommend trying to take away my morning coffee.


How did the feather get in there?


It all started when i turned 25.


Simone gave me a red spotty pen,

With a ladybird on a spring surrounded by fluffy red feathers.

It was lovely.

Until recently.


I picked it up and THE FEATHERS FELL OUT!!!

I have red feathers eeeeverywheeeere!



HAVE red feathers eeeverywheeeeere.

I tried to collect them all and put them in the bin,

But they have this uncanny ability to evade being captured.

No wonder chickens are so hard to catch,

They’re covered in these feathers.


So there are red feathers on my desk,

Red feathers on my chair,

Red feathers in the air when i move anything,

Red feathers in my hat,

And now,

A red feather in my coffee.




I found it!!!

3 sips to go and i found it!!!

And thats the end of my slightly fowl coffee.

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