Friday, May 21, 2010

14-july-2006 FOG

This week, in the world of Lisa...

This week I was surrounded by a white fog of DOOOM.

Okay, not of dooom, but a white fog.

It was kind of like being in a cloud, but not as wet.

Or high.

And that's a good thing, as I wasn't wearing a precautionary parachute.

Then it really would have been a white fog of doom.

I don't own a precautionary parachute.

If I did, it would have 'HELP' written over it in large letters,

Being a precautionary parachute I'd obviously be in some situation of DOOOM to be using it.

*Did you know the emergency number to call from most mobiles is 112?

Can be used anywhere in the world and it links you to the closest emergency call centre.

There's a bit of trivia that might save your life in France.

"le b√Ętiment est sur le feu!"

Fog fog foggy fog.

Its one of those words that just gets weirder the more you say it.

Fog fog fog fog fog.

You end up saying fofofofofo.

Or choking.

I'm dizzy.

The end.

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