Friday, May 21, 2010

7-july-2006 SAUCY

This week, in the world of Lisa...

Last time I was going to eat BBQ beef extra saucy noodles was on the way to Rock-it.

Im glad I didnt, its not a good place to be saucy.

I wasnt glad I didnt at the time though.

I had put a good 6 minutes into making them.

And proceeded to leave them on the bench instead of taking them to eat on the way.

My mum called me up and thanked me for making her lunch.

Thats my mum for you.

Being saucy instead of reminding you to take your lunch.

So this week I didnt forget my extra saucy BBQ beef instant noodles.

And I discovered something.

They're too saucy.

The cup was saucy

The noodles were saucy

The fork was saucy

I became quite saucy also.

There was so much sauce I couldnt eat it all,

And that made the bin saucy.

I noticed the cleaner didnt try to empty the bin today,

He just changed the garbage bag.

Probably didnt want to be saucy.

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