Monday, June 21, 2010

16-June-2010 BORING

This week, in the world of Lisa…

This week I suddenly lost my boring job.

The amount of time I have to find a new job really bugs me.

When I first heard of the EHB program,

I literally yelled at my friend

“I would LARVA job with beetles!!!”

The reasons I was so enthusiastic to chews this job weren’t just for my interests,

But more for logical reasons too.

That didn’t prevent my friend from looking at me like I should be in the peanut gallery.

Th Ehole process was quite short and I became an Ag Dept employee.

Meeting the staff I was pleased there wasn’t any decorated bipolar sufferers,

meaning there were no high/low troops to bejewel us (Hylotrupes bajulus).

It seemed particularly apt when the car fleet supplied were Subaru Forresters.

Being an all wheel drive as opposed to 4WD,

No-one was wheely surprised that the cars sank in the sand more than a few times,

The mind BOGgles to define why AWD’s were chosen at all.

Emi and I discovered first-hand how exhausting it is digging a car out of a bog.

Possibly due to the pressure of the situation,

We began clutching at straws and made a phone call and deduced we hadn’t turned the manual wheel lock to initiate 4WD.

Tyred from our adventure we rested in a nearby park for a brake,

Before we road on.

There was a lot of plantation work in the beginning of the program,

They went out on a limb and assumed a human was capable of identifying signs of EHB atop a tree from the ground,

But when asked for proof they were stumped.

You’d think only a sap wood stick around after enduring this research,

I suppose we didn’t twig on to what was to follow,

As at this point I was still Radiataing happiness with my work and never pining for another occupation.

Even though it did take time to re-coup after a hard days work.

Needles to say,

I didn’t leave and continued to unload the cars trunk each day aiming to get to the root of the EHB infestation.

Then came the tree dissection phase.

Im sure all wood have experienced a lot of wood chopping here.

Perhaps if we were more cleaver we’d have realised

Chopping wood full of frass is nothing to be sneezed at.

Sure, there was an axe-ident here and there,

But we saw the results were worthwhile

And kindley continued.

Issues arose one day when a chainsaw was stolen,

At first management choked up,

But then grit their teeth,

Said they wouldn’t have a bar of it,

And created new filing system two stroke out the thief and make sure the equipment was stihl there when needed.

The chain of command successfully resolved the issue and were able to kick back and relax from then on.

Now I’ll talk about is the PR houses.

RATS are quite fond of acronyms and weren’t very fond of the Proxy House project.

As a little inside joke we ended up calling them PR houses,

Or proxy roofs because we saw the projects only value was in Public Relations.

You probe-ably also find it entertaining that we required so many data LOGGERS.

Despite our aversion to the experiment,

We could do nothing but solder on

And ignore the sinking feeling of wondering

wire we doing this?”.

But we couldn’t drop the panel’s request.

We’ve only had one incident,

Where Rob hurt his head under the one of the houses.

If only he’d duct a little more.

Much later I became involved with the detector dog program

And I’ll take this opportunity to paws and reflect.

Furst of all reece and lee took the lead

With Jed Lara and Toby.

Unfortunately Toby’s skill were a little ruff ruff and he was sent back to Sydney.

Sam and Henriette enthusiastically took over and now they, Lara and Tessa endure the plantation tracks.

We still aren’t sure why, perhaps the bark puts them off,

But they still don’t have the tick of approval.

Heaven nose why we tried so hard,

It really makes no scents.

And that’s the end of the tail.