Friday, May 21, 2010

19-may-2010 WALL

This week, in the world of Lisa...

This week a man stumbled down a set of stairs opposite my office and left a rather large hole and even larger crack in the plasterboard wall.

The wally must have felt pretty selley,

As despite the heavy landing,

(I don’t want to make a crack about his weight,

So I’ll im-ply,

This guy wasn’t much of a stud)

He took off without saying a word in an attempt to keep his integrity.

Re-enacting the hole scene,

I would have expected it to render him motionless for at least a moment,

He cant have been too hurt because he didn’t even stop to stare.

Perhaps he didn’t want the situation to escalate,

OR it door-,ned on him how many forms he’d have to complete

And decided avoidance was a better way of ceiling his fate.

What a descend man.

He’s found a floor in the OSH system,

How will the OSH panel handle this one?

To what level will it go and what steps will be taken?

Will there be a partition against stairs?

Such a putty I didn’t get a picture,

The repairs are already complete - I’m not sure who will be build.

Oh well,

That’s one way to get plastered!

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