Thursday, July 15, 2010

15-July-2010 WAXING

This week, in the world of Lisa...

This week I got waxed.

Thair was a little peer pressure involved,

Everyone seemed to be getting one,

Even the moon is a waxing crescent.

So I plucked up the courage,

Put aside the folly, called and made an appointment.

Thistrip has caused me pain,

At least I never bald.

I wasn’t too hairy though, it’s not like I needed to brush my legs or anything...

Ha! Knee comb!

Beecause it was my first time,

I didn’t know whether to raise or not,

But the lady was lovely, as most of them pubeably are.

I couldn’t do it however,

I don’t want to seebum.

It was quickly over, tooeasy.

The other issue with heading to a warmer climate from wintery conditions is skin tone.

Being such an avid user of locean,

Any hint of natural colour seems intangible.

U’V probably noticed.

While tanning beds cancertainly darken the skin,

Those who say it’s good for the soulare wrong in the long run,

Derrr Miss.

They also often turn out to be moles.

I had a weird dream where a boar was swimming at the beach and said

“It’s okay if you take a melon in”.

But I’m not sure what the pig ment.

Anyhow, wanting a tan before heading to the beach I’ve opted for the fake stuff.

Now I’m heading North to the sunshine!

See you epi-later!!!