Thursday, May 20, 2010

21-june-2006 SLIPPERS

This week, in the world of Lisa...

This week my Dad almost went to work in his slippers.

I suppose it wouldn’t have mattered so much if they were uggies.

But giant monster feet?

Someone is bound to say something.

*sigh* no, my Dad doesn’t have giant monster feet slippers.

He has those no-bending-over-required old man slippers.

But he should.

Perhaps then he wouldn’t forget to change into shoes before leaving the house...

Or at least he’d notice when his foot covers the accelerator AND the brake as he tries to leave...

You’d hope.

If you see a 50yo man going nowhere in the driveway,

Massively over-revving the engine and looking confused,

Tell him to change into his day shoes.

If he replies that giant monster feet slippers ARE is day shoes,

He’s probably retired and over 65,

And also isn’t my Dad.

Today I went to get new steel caps for work.

They had some fabulous styles for women,

not in a boot though.

And no slipper-styles.

With Uggies being in such high demand as “fashion” thses days,

why aren’t there steel cap uggies?


Getting to work, feet in sheep wool bliss...

Questionably fashionable, unquestionable comfortable and cosy,

Whilst not ignoring the need for safety in the workplace.


Then people as yount as 12 could have slippers as everyday shoes.


Perhaps I was too hasty to hassle old people about wearing slippers everywhere...

Seems like a darned good idea...

Excuse me, I am off to learn how to patent...

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