Friday, May 21, 2010

29-april-2008 LIP DRIP

This week, in the world of Lisa...

This week i decided to change my coffee drinking style.

You see, this morning i noticed when i wash my mug after a cuppa,

I mean, my mug after a mugga.

ther there’s an unattractive coffee lip drip on the outside where my lip goes.

I am about to embark on a coffee filled day to discover how to avoid this drip.

Test 1. slippery lip drip

To test “slippery lip” i will apply a sticky lip gloss to my lower lip and drink a mugga.

Complication: no milk.

Overcome: complication milk.

Overzealous lip gloss application complete.

Warning: if replicating this test do not attempt to eat prawn crackers post over-zealous lip gloss application.

Failed: “lip gloss”. Outer coffee mug drip reduced, but replaced with unpleasant sticky residue.

Consumed: 3 teaspoons of coffee (two were in the first mugga of the day), a third of a prawn cracker, 2ml “glaze fruit” lipgloss.

Test 2: mug drip

To test “mug drip” I will drink coffee our of a different mug.

Complication: lack of mug variety.

Operation mug theft complete.

Warning 1: mug theft best accomplished during off-peak times, avoid 8:15am. 10:30am and 2:30pm

Warning 2: theft the mug of a female to ensure a clean mug is obtained.

OvercomeL complication mug.

Failed: “different mug”

Consumed: 4 spoons of coffee, cooties, 2ml lip gloss.

test 3: lip position

To test “lip position” I will drink a mugga with my bottom lip inserted INTO the mug rather than BELOW the mug.

Warning 1: ensure excess lip gloss from test 2 has been removed to avoid chin gloss.

Warning 2: careful of freshly made coffee, its rather hot and burny.

Complication: uncoordinated mug tipping.

Warning 3: don’t get over eager to commence test 3, you will end up with coffee on your shirt.

Complication: looking like a noob.

Failed: “lip position”. Not able to overcome complitation “looking like a noob”.

AbsorbedL ~10ml of coffee.

Test 4: drinking through a straw

To test “drinking through a straw” I will drink a mugga through a straw.

Complication: too hyper to focus on test 4.


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