Friday, May 21, 2010

17-may-2010 HAIR

This week, in the world of Lisa...

This week my hair went fuzzy.

I dread bad hair days,

They’re so embarrassing I could dye.

It all started when my last appointment was cut short,

Mostly because the hairdresser and I didn’t gel,

She bangs her equipment around and doesn’t put clothes on ANY of my hairs.

For ages I didn’t like how my hair turned out,

But now its growing on me.

Ill probably comb over to the same salon again,

But on the condition I have a different girl.

I don’t want special treatment,

Only to end this streak of bad hair days.

My sister has been searching for a new haircut,

Mostly styles with plait-inum blonde.

She wants a comb-ination of cutting edge styles,

She’ll wig out if it looks hairlarious,

So hopefully it works – without going to her head.

I’ve only tried something different once,

I took ages to mullet over,

And when the descissorsion was finally locked in,

I was brushed aside.

My plan was foiled

And I was left stranded.

Oh well, at least bad hair days aren’t perm-anent.

P.S. Don’t forget,as the saying goes: “don’t buy shampoo, demand real poo instead!”

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