Friday, May 21, 2010

28-april-2008 LITERALLY

This week in the world of Lisa…

This week,

For some unknown reason,

Things became literal.

My computer mouse started to squeak.

I accidentally stepped on Matt.

I spluttered whilst drinking coffee.

A vial containing broken down biological matter was,

That’s right,


And unfortunately for a certain priest,

Brazil was also taking things literally.

They decided to hold a fundraiser,

And regrettably, they didn’t take the “fun” literally,

They took the “raising”.


Who better to become a daredevil than a priest?

They strapped him into a “buoyant chair”,

Attached HEAPS of helium filled balloons,

And let him go.

He raised alright.

He disappeared in the clouds.

Everyone was surprised he began drifting over the ocean

(in the same direction as the wind).

And then they lost him.


Somewhere out there is a priest.

Strapped into a chair.

Flying beneath hundreds of helium balloons.

Beyond at-most-fear,

Floating along in his highchair

And will soon literally get a sinking feeling.

I don’t mind all these things turning literal though,

As long as when im reading my b’s don’t turn into bees,

I’s don’t turn into eyes,

And I DEFINITELY don’t want my p’s turning into pee.

The end.

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