Thursday, May 20, 2010

17-may-2006 LEAF

This week, in the world of Lisa...

This week I found a leaf

So what, I hear you say.

Ill tell you what.

Its the best darn leaf Ive ever seen.

And Ive seen a lot of leaves in my time.

Im very observant when it comes to these kinds of things.

Things like leaves.

I just like nature to get the appreciation it deserves when it makes something beautiful.

Like leaves.

Sure it makes its mistakes.

Like that slimy fungi.

And those bald cats.

But look at the earth overall.

On a satellite picture for instance

(its far too much trouble to get into space these days),

Its quite attractive.

And so was this leaf.

What happened to it? I hear you say.

Ill tell you what happened to it.

I ate it.

Youre lying! I hear you say.

Well that is partly true.

I didnt eat it in the conventional sense.

Because I researched first, and apparently, maple leaves are poisonous to horses.

I know I am not a horse.

But I am feeling a little hoarse.

And I didnt want to take the chance.

So I ate it with the power of MY MIND.

I engulfed it into my brain so that the leaf can live on.

In memory.

And now, friends, now it is part of your memory too.


When I say suckers, I dont mean it in the succulent way.

Succulents, while they have good leaves sometimes,

They arent leaves worth mentioning at this time, as they pale in comparison to this lovely lovely leaf.

Dont you wish you could see it?

Its lovely.

And its the best darn leaf Ive ever seen.

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