Wednesday, September 1, 2010

31-July-2010 CORAL BAY

This week, in the world of Lisa...

This week I went camping up North.

It was great living in the campsite and although anecks pain made it a bit intents for a few days,

The pole results are in and it was fabulous.

Despite the miserable fish catch,

Our effort can’t be debaited.

Dad was the leader,

Kept all the rods in line ready to go,

And tackled the fishless problem as best he could.

He was even available to come pass bait as required.

Maybe the fish finder is bung.

Desbite pulling up fish only to throw them back,

It was still reely exciting watching the sharks appier and attempt to steal our fish before they reached the boat.

One instance of Ellen casually winding in a fish had us waiting with baited breath,

Yet the sharks somehow managed to skipp ’er line,

Although she did scale up her winding speed towards the end.

A joke commonly played is to tug someones line when they aren’t looking,

I still claim that the time Ellen “got” me does KNOT count!

I can always tell her meagre attempt at impersonating a fish,

It’s a skill she hasn’t mastered

And usually I just give her a stern look.

It just so happened that at the SAME TIME she pulled my line,


I showed a sinkering feeling for only a moment before realizing,

So while she was keeling herself laughing I was catching a triggerfish.

After hearing the whole story I’m sure you’ll all agree,

I was not fooled.

We always sea crazy things out in the boat,

I think we all shook with amazement when a whale swam beneath our boat!!!!

Quite over whelming.

The most fun we had was squid hunting,

It’s chool!

We’re suckers for calamari.

No squid for 2.5 days,

But then we developed a very effishient system -

Spotting them and frantically casting out the jigs.

The bucket was empty foar a couple of days,

But within an hour using the new technique we’d managed to fillet!

Everyone shood try it.

When I pulled in the biggest squid (hood=~40cm!),

I exclaimed “IT”S *#$*@ HUGE!!!”

to which Mum replied something about “inappropriate” and the size was “no excuse”.

She soon pulled in a squid almost as huge and gasped “*#$@ it’s so BIG!!!”.

Of course I was quick to remind her - that language is inappropriate and there was no excuse haha.

Funny funny.

It’s always fun to finnish the day telling stories over a port

Despite the hardship of spending a hull of a lot of time not catching anything,

And constantly being covered in sun tan locean,

I’d still rudder be fishing.

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