Monday, May 16, 2011

This week - Shoes

This week, in the world of Lisa...

This week I forgot to wear shoes to work.
I'm not sure if this happens solely to me?
For many, i would assume this has never happened.
This is,
The second time it has happened to me;
And a newsletter seems the perfect platform to tell you about it :)

The first instance (although recollections differ).
I was working in a transportable building surrounded by sand -
At the Department of Ag. Let me tell you,
my colleagues were quite amused when,
After staying at a friends the night before and not returning home,
I realised I'd forgotten my steel cap boots.
That's right friends,
I had to wear pink high heels, through sand,
To a job where I chopped up wood all day.
If you're wondering,
Dirt wedges into shoes better than I'd have guessed,
So by the time 4pm came,
They were less pink and clogged up with dirt.

This time I'm working in a lovely office where I frequent heels.
Today I actually had to walk in barefoot - and my only shoes are sneakers.
I'm not sure if the shoe-name is apt,
No-one's noticed,
Or if they're holding their tongue,
But sneakers don't exactly compliment my office attire.
Perhaps they're afraid i'll sock it to them if they say anything.

If only my work places had been reversed,

It seems only yesterday (it was last week)
When I literally wor 5 pairs of shoes in one day.
Ahhh the good ol' days.

Hopefully these two occurrences will jogger my memory,
And encourage me to double check my shoe situation.

At least it's keeping me on my toes!

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